© Lady Rivet 2019 

I truly believe life is more fun with a bit of glitter on top. Find what makes you feel glamourus and use it in your everyday life. I love dark red lipstick, putting glitter and rhinestones on everything (including my face), and clothes that make me feel as fabulous as a movie star from past times. I often dye my hair pink, just because it makes me happy when I look in the mirror. Glam before grey, any day of the week.


What I love most of all is to paint my face into perfection, put on a beautiful sparkling dress, and give a great show. I’m a showgirl and a performing artist. I’m an entrepreneur. I produce clubs and shows. I teach. I sing and dance and I’m grateful to say that I have found my way to earn money doing what I love most in life. It’s hard work, but it’s an amazing journey sprinkled with glitter and filled with all the amazing women and queers that’s helping and inspiring me along the way.


I’m also a loud feminist truly believing in women empowering ourselves and eachother, in whatever way suits oneself best. For me burlesque is about self-confidence, body positivity and freeing the female sexuality.


Find what makes you feel good about yourself, and use it in your everyday life.

And don’t forget to have fun with it!


XoXo /Lady Rivet


In 2014 I founded Vaudevillains Burlesque Variety together with fellow performers Miss Rita Regrets and Harley Queen. We have produced our own clubs and held shows at Nalen and Södra Teatern. 


My performances - solo or with my troupe - includes Sthlm Burlesque Festival, Berlin Burlesque Festival, Klubb SKIN, Fräulein Frauke Presents at Nalen, House of Vaudeville at Södra Teatern, Melt Bar & Restaurant among others.

Winner of 2015 Octbooberfest Tassletwirling Championship - Best Technique.

In 2016 I founded Klubb SKIN & SKIN Crew with hiphop dancer Felicia Martinez and dancehall dancer Johanna "Peppers" Hörnell. 

Image by Fredrik Sellberg